How Do You Socialize on Social Media

I am in a training session on Social Media Marketing and it made me think of how I manage some of my own profiles.

Facebook – If I don’t know you personally, or, you are not the close friend of one of my close friends (“friend of mine or friend of ours” – some will catch the reference) fuggedaboutit! I tend to post personal thoughts and pics that I don’t want to mix with business.

Twitter – This is my catchall. I tend to followback most people if I don’t feel its spammy.  Most of my tweets are general and I enjoy reading many of the random thoughts of others. Also it’s cool to be able to interact with famous folks! Feel free to follow @CurtisBrownJr

Linked In – If you think of a Venn diagram, this is my intersection.  I am more open to accepting those I don’t know if I think there is mutual benefit (or one sided in my favor).  At the same time, I don’t accept any clown with a “great opportunity” or doesn’t demonstrate value. Join my network –

YouTube – not sure yet. Now I
use it to share other peoples content, but as I get more active will use it for commercials for posts.  Feel free to join me – CurtisBrownJrVideos

I’ll ask you- how do you “socialmediaize”?



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